Wedding Recap: All The Effort and Rehearsal

Hey Y’all,

Let me start with apologizing for such a long wait! In the past 10 weeks so much has happened between wedding, honeymoon, moving to a new state and job woes. I am so excited to share some of the final details from our wedding in this two-part post. There was so much detail I simply can’t post all in one! Plus this post will only include photos from myself or friends Next weeks final post on the wedding will hopefully have a bunch from our photographer, Warren.


The wedding weekend began on Friday April 20th. My parents, myself, Josh, our wedding party and a couple out-of-state friends got to the venue around 10am that morning. We cannot thank Daniel and Ann of Luna’s Trail Farms and Event Center enough for letting us have the wedding there and for all their help with set up and even take down. When we got there Friday morning all the chairs and the arbor were set up in front of the bridal cabin and waiting for us to decorate & the reception venue already had all of the tables and chairs out waiting for us to do what we wished with. We got to work fast! We had 3 cars and a trailer loaded with necessary items for the weekend; between snacks for the three cabins (grooms cabin, bridal cabin and out-of-state guest cabin), food for bridesmaids luncheon, decorations, attire and weekend bags…you name it, we probably had it. We unloaded everything to the proper places and started organizing and delegating tasks. Everyone worked hard from 10am til late that night with the exception of breaks for the bridesmaid luncheon and the rehearsal and dinner. I found a local company that does rentals for weddings and was able to get a lot of the final decor I needed. If anyone in the Winston-Salem area is in need of rentals for their special day check out Twice Loved Vintage! We set up all of the reception tables and decor before the rehearsal so that we could do tiny details the next day and just focus on being in the moment. Honestly, without the help of our friends and family we would have never got it all done. We can’t thank everyone enough for all the time and effort given for our special day!


The rehearsal did not go as planned! Typically, you have rehearsal then follow with dinner, right? Not us, we went in reverse when dinner showed up an hour early. No big deal, we just rolled with it. Catering was provided by one of my favorite local Greek Diners, Alex’s Grill! The food was delicious and it was so cost-effective. I won’t lie, weddings are pricey and anytime you find a save its great. I was worried about finding the right caterer and when I found out Alex’s catered I was thrilled. For less than $300 we fed 26 people dinner! Josh’s grooms cake, from Publix Bakery, was a perfect dessert to end the night with! We found our ‘Mutual Weirdness Forever’ cake topper on Amazon!


The rehearsal dinner was hosted on the front porch of the cabin by the ceremony spot. We went simple with decor for the night; my dad hung fairy lights above and placed little ‘love’ lanterns with tea lights on the tables. The rehearsal itself went just fine and we learned that I did indeed forget one detail necessary for the wedding. We had no music picked beyond what I was going to walk down the aisle to. That night after the rehearsal I had to put together a pre-ceremony playlist for our guests to enjoy and a playlist with all of the ceremony music. Following rehearsal everyone went to their cabins for the rest of the evening. Josh and his guys had a pool table and video games while my girls and I worked on our flowers for the next day and watched movies before getting some sleep. The sunflowers and baby’s breath came from Sam’s Club and the daisies, tulips and additional baby’s breath came from Lowe’s Foods in Clemmons, NC! The daisies and tulips were each the favorite of my Nana and Poppy. I wanted to make sure they were all around me that day since they are no longer with us.

This video shows some of the flowers but was also a tour of my spot to get ready the next day.

Okay, I believe what I am going to do is stop here. I will have another post dedicated to just the ceremony and reception on Sunday! There is so much to share about it that it would be information overload in this one post!