What To Do with the Girls in Virginia Beach

Hey, Y’all!

I hope your week is going great! I myself have had a great one so far! I had a friend come up to Virginia Beach and visit with me for a few days this week. It was wonderful! I haven’t had any of my friends here since getting married in April. It was nice to show her the house and the area. I took her to a couple of my favorite spots and discovered some all new favorites!

First up on our ‘Girl Time Agenda’ was shopping! Now Virginia Beach has no shortage of places to buy any item you may be looking for. We chose to start with Lynnhaven Mall and work our way from there. She had never been to a Dazzle Up which is one of my go to stores when shopping, especially for gifts! It is full of cute clothes, jewelry and bags. Oh and plenty of Simply Southern! They usually have racks in the back full of Simply Southern and Simply Faithful shirts for $5.99 each, that is a deal that just can’t be beat! We made a couple stops at Forever 21, Sephora and Cinnabon before heading out for lunch. Boston Market was the lunch choice of the day since we wanted something filling and decently quick but not greasy fast food. Plus it was on the way to Pembroke Mall where we hit up Nordstrom Rack and J.Crew Factory. Y’all, I have never been to a Nordstrom Rack! You can get some great deals in there. Heads up they are having a Clear the Rack sale July 25th-29th! For sure treating myself for my birthday.

That night we made our way to the oceanfront. We had to throw in the typical “tourist action” of visiting the statue at the boardwalk. Of course, we grabbed a few photos, too! After the shots she got of me during her visit she may have to become my photographer for this whole blog biz. Like for real, they are pretty great for an iPhone! We finished up the night with dinner at Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant over near the Hilltop Shopping Center and ice cream cones from Dairy Queen.

Tuesday was started with some sand, sun and sea! The beach was at the top of Andy’s To Do List while visiting. We enjoyed the warm weather and fresh air for a couple of hours before coming back to get showers and head to lunch. Can I just say it is so amazing living so close to the ocean?! I mean when it takes you less than 7 minutes to drive to and park at the beach, its pretty great. We had lunch at Murphy’s Irish Pub down at the Oceanfront and I have never had a bad experience there. They have delicious food and great prices; Tuesday’s are half price burger day. As someone who loves going out to eat, loves burgers but loves keeping to her budget, Murphy’s wins! Andy got the nachos and she said they did not disappoint.  They also have Irish Egg Rolls which are stuffed with corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. May sound odd, but oh so good! We had dessert at Mays Parlor right down the street from Murphy’s. This was my first time trying it and y’all, my sweet-treat-loving-self will be going back! It is so adorable and tasty. I got the lemon cheesecake and she got a chocolate almond croissant.


We left there a very happy pair of ladies ready to check out the Virginia Beach “ViBe Creative District”. Recently, a bunch of local artists were asked to come paint murals all over the Creative District and they are so cool. We snapped a few photos around Commune, Fathom and the Distillery before heading out to grab a coffee and do a little Target run because…well, why not?

For her final day in town we spent a little more time by the ocean before having lunch at Wendy’s (a favorite of ours from our college days). We also checked out the DAV Thrift shop I had been wanting to go to but never stopped at. Turns out they have some pretty good things in there and the money goes to an awesome cause. So if you enjoy supporting veterans and love good deals go check them out. I know I was excited to find one of the John Green books on my reading list for 99 cent! She left shortly after and made the trip back to our hometown.

It was so great to have a friend come visit for a bit. Sometimes you just need some girl time and to try some new things. If you know of any spots in Virginia Beach that you think I should check out leave them in the comments, I love finding new places!