Frugal Friday Series

Hey Y’all!
Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a deal, so I have decided I will be doing something here on the blog called Frugal Fridays! What is that? It will be me sharing how I save money and get great deals! I will talk about different stores and hacks that have helped us out. Through this I hope I can help some of you feel a bit more comfortable with spending.


 I love buying new things, decorating our home, cooking new meals and dressing cute. However, all of these things can get rather pricey. It can get really discouraging when you scroll through Instagram and see all of these bloggers dressed super adorable and entertaining in their super stylish home. It was actually one of the reasons I told myself I could not be a blogger. Well it isn’t true.


I’m hoping to share some of my secrets with y’all. How I put together that “blogger look” without Nordstrom prices, make our home look adorable and grocery shop without spending absurd amounts. Most posts will be for just any everyday reader but occasionally you’ll see certain things directed towards the military community (mentions of the commissary/NEX or use of the base gym)!


Be on the lookout for the very first Frugal Friday post this upcoming Friday (August 17, 2018)! Follow me along on my penny pinching and if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!